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Board Exports for Trello

Export and Share your Trello board to improve team communication and engagement.

Board Exports for Trello lets you export your boards as an Excel, image, CSV or PDF file. Which can be quickly shared via an Email, Confluence page or an instant messaging platform.

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Private Notes for Trello

Be better organised and store private notes on Trello boards quickly and securely.

Private Notes lets you add and store personal notes on Trello boards. Whether it’s writing private notes on shared boards, adding personal reminders, daily to-dos or team updates, your notes will be secure and private.

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Due Next for Trello

Keep focus on what’s next to stay on track, communicate better and provide visibility to your team.

Due Next allows you to see your upcoming and overdue cards, filter cards by list and export the results as CSV or PDF for analysis and reporting.

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Card Delete for Trello

The simplest and quickest way to delete cards on Trello.

Delete a card in two clicks without the need to archive first. Card Delete saves time and helps you clean up your boards quickly and efficiently.

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Time Tracking for Trello

See where the most time is been invested and by whom on projects to improve visibility and efficiency.

Time Tracking for Trello lets you track the time you spend on project tasks and record it on a Trello card. Your data can then be exported as a CSV or screenshot and analysed.

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Daily Updates for Trello

Quickly share daily updates on Trello to improve communication and collaboration.

Daily Updates gets all team members on the same page. It provides updates for those essential stand up questions and distributes it to all members of your Trello board so it can be viewed by anyone at any time.

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