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Workplace analytics and insights for the hybrid era

Workplace analytics and insights for the hybrid era

Make collaboration your team's superpower with Adaptavist and Temporall

Hybrid working poses some significant challenges. But that means there are plenty of opportunities to improve how we collaborate! Tools such as Slack, MS Teams, and Google Workspace, have reshaped communication. Yet, are teams using them effectively? Find out with in-depth levels of data insight.

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"58% of respondents in our latest Digital Etiquette Report say the pandemic required their company to adopt new tools or software."
2021: Digital Etiquette Report

Why you need social insights

Social insight by Adaptavist

At Adaptavist, we provide organisations with intelligent organisational social insights to uncover collaborative networks and make the most of collaboration between teams. Alongside Temporall’s advanced analytics platform, Workbench, and as a leading Slack Services partner, we can:

  • Uncover informal, hidden social networks using organisational network analysis to support data-driven decision making.
  • Leverage the connection between behavioural science and intelligence technology.
  • Provide business leaders with an understanding of how work is delivered.
  • Successfully reorient teams and deliver meaningful transformation.

Ready to explore how organisational networks are forming across your business and enable a realistic, uniquely-tailored approach to change?

Harness the power of data to drive team engagement

Adaptavist can use Workbench data to create a package of multi-level insights about your team’s collaborations, and use them to benefit your organisation strategically.

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    Make data-driven decisions

    Improve team and customer experience and deliver better business outcomes with actionable insights.

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    Compare workplace activity

    Compare one platform to another, for example, between Slack, MS Teams, and Google Workspace.

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    Support your organisational change programmes

    Learn who your communication champions and influencers are and how messages land

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    Keep your finger on the pulse of team member engagement

    Recognise trending topics and associated sentiment.

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    Ensure organisational alignment and agility at scale

    Through network integration.

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    Achieve high performing collaboration

    Identify high performing teams and functions to learn from and replicate across the network.

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    Increase team members wellbeing

    Use people and network insights to better support wellbeing. 

Explore Slack Analytics vs intelligence by Temporall

"More companies are becoming or being born hybrid-first. As a result, the accelerated scale and pace of digital workplace tool deployment have been immense. This has seen an explosion in the organisational data generated in systems like Slack. Yet existing workplace tools and analytics providers lack the functionality to deliver meaningful and truly transformative data-driven insights. Adaptavist is harnessing our AI-driven platform, Workbench, to deliver a breadth and depth of workplace analytics and insights unavailable anywhere else." - Temporall.

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