Retired Add-ons

These add-ons have been retired. Limited Support in line with our Support SLA will be provided until your license expires or until August 2015 at most.  Read the announcement about the retirement of these add-ons on our blog.

Retired Addons

Advanced Search Advanced Search lets you filter pages by a particular label, metadata value or complex search query and also enables you to customise the appearance of the results.
Backup Manager Confluence Backup Manager features & benefits Delete backups manually Automate backup pruning Keep Some Safe – Specify how many backups should remain safe from deletion. Delete Old Backups – Specify how many days backups should be kept for. Disk Space – Set and maintain quotas on backup disk space.
Community Bubbles Save time and effort finding and keeping up to date with the content you’re interested in.
Confluence Dashboards It allows you to put all your key information on a personalised, customisable page. Whether it be RSS feeds, Wiki pages, macros or OpenSocial Gadgets. You can then arrange the page however you want, and all changes will be remembered ready for when you next view it.
Content Voting for Confluence Content voting features Encourage good content, not just content, on your Wiki Allow users to vote pages and comments up or down. Each page/comment then logs an overall score, with that and the split of votes up/down being displayed. Save time and focus on the good stuff in your Wiki.
Descendant Notifications Quickly watch all topics in a forum or subscribe to your Weekly Team Meeting blog posts.
Footnotes Features and benefits Define Footnotes – Define any number of footnotes throughout your content. Display Footnotes – Display a table of footnotes anywhere in the page. Quickly move between content and footnotes with a click of the mouse.
Group Signup Allow users to quickly and easily join Confluence groups.
Licensing Manager Plugin Licensing Manager is a mechanism to acquire a license from a plugin vendor’s website, see the license state and be notified via a banner when licenses are expiring.
Move Comment It’s easy to move a comment – use the menu to select a new existing destination page, or create a new page for it to go on.
Page Family Tag Cloud You can provide localised cloud label navigation, enabling users to pick out specific topics within that part of a space. Especially useful for documentation spaces ? like user guides and procedures.
Replace and Render The Replace and Render plugin works by performing a “search and replace” on some wiki content prior to rendering that content.
Sub-Section This is useful for beginner users if a page they have to edit contains a lot of complex wiki-markup or the page is particularly long and it becomes difficult and slow to edit.
Survey for Confluence It’s quick to use and powerful too – you can create surveys with drag ‘n drop, embed surveys within confluence pages and respondents can save and resume surveys whenever they want.
Synonym This is useful to ensure content is found when searching on alternative spellings for words, common synonyms, acronyms and phrases.