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How much does a Jira configuration mistake really cost you?

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How much does a Jira configuration mistake really cost you?

If you were to make a configuration change to a vital element of your Jira (such as a workflow used by a majority of your development teams), and an error occurred, have you considered the impact this could have on your business?

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That's a lot of money!

And we've not even included the further knock-on effects of this lost time. For example, the lost revenue if a product release is delayed. Or the additional stress this could put on your teams to make up the lost time and meet their deadlines.

How to reduce configuration errors and save time doing it

A powerful way to drastically reduce the chance of making configuration errors is to use a 'Test, Staging, and Production' process in Jira.

There is a drawback though, this can also take additional time for Jira Admins to do. However, Project Configurator for Jira can help automate this process, giving you the best of both worlds, reduced risk and time savings.

Take a look at this video to see how, or try Project Configurator for Jira for 30 days for free.