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Workflow Steps for Jira 
Available for Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud

Integrate and automate Jira actions into Slack.

First multi-step app for Slack's Workflow Builder. Save time by conducting basic Jira actions in Slack, without the need to context-switch. Anyone of all technical abilities can be empowered to start automating.

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Workflow Steps for Jira - add to slack today for free.

Automate common Jira interactions without leaving Slack

Workflow Steps for Jira is the Slack app that unlocks Jira steps in Workflow Builder. It allows everyday users, like you, to create your own integrations and automations with all your Jira instances, without the need for coding knowledge.

Build bespoke human and event-driven workflows to help you create and update your Jira issues easily from Slack. Empower your teams to create quick fixes and automations to foster collaboration and efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate your Jira instances with Slack.

Setting up a create Jira issue workflow in Slack and using the workflow.
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Users of all technical abilities are empowered to build fuss-free, no-code workflows.

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Full flexibility

Supports multiple Jira instances for increased value; scale up or down as you need.

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Increase productivity

Reduce manual intervention and automate Jira actions with a range of triggers.

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Less context-switching

Enable team collaboration with bespoke workflows and collaborators, all in Slack.

So much to do but where to begin? Download ready-made templates from our most common use-cases to get started.

Set onboarding tasks when someone joins a channel

What: There will always be a dedicated set of tasks for new starters in a company, whether it’s compliance assessments, updating bank details or requesting equipment and software. When someone joins and they’re added to a dedicated channel (by #department, #team or #new-starters), automatically assign and point them in the direction of tasks they need to complete. 

How: Workflow starts when someone joins a #channel.

Why: No repetition or time wasted from the onboarding team or departments involved to ensure new starters are onboarded correctly.

GIF of onboarding tasks from Jira being automatically assigned from Slack

This app is available on paid Slack subscriptions