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Need better automation in

Scripting for monday lets you go beyond’s limited automation rules engine. Script advanced business logic rules using TypeScript/JavaScript and the API to automate any scenario in

Automate anything in | Scripting for monday

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If you can't do it with Scripting for monday, the chances are it can't be done at all.

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Build exactly what you need

Some complex automations just can’t be built in

Scripting for monday gives you the freedom and tools to resolve every detail of your automation challenges.


Harness the power of code

Flexibility and depth that only a code-based solution can offer.

There are no constraints: write your business logic your way with full access to the API.

No more workarounds

No more workarounds

Tired of creating unnecessary columns and boards just to make an automation recipe work?

Forget about the old way and automate it directly with Scripting for monday. Do it once, do it quickly, do it right.

Gain time

Automate faster and cheaper

Do you find yourself still doing things manually in

Save time and money by automating what you couldn't before with Scripting for monday.

The only pro scripting app for

All the advanced features you'd expect, from a class-leading programming language to a selection of automation triggers.

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    The ultimate API playground

    Direct access to the API straight from within your Monday boards, so you can build anything you can imagine.

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    Managed API

    Not familiar with the API? No problem, our Managed API provides intuitive code suggestions and autocompletion, so you don’t even need to check the docs.

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    No need to learn an obscure language or unique context-specific syntax. Jump straight in with the most popular programming language - no extra learning required.

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    Respond to events

    Run your scripts automatically when anything happens in

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    Run scripts when the time is right

    Run ad-hoc scripts and big batch jobs manually, or trigger scripts to run on a schedule with Scheduled Tasks.

Ready to build some serious automations?

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