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Stitch It Open Beta Terms and Conditions

With consideration for the obligations and benefits set forth herein, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, you agree to participate in this Open Beta Trial of Stitch It. Adaptavist and you agree as follows.

These terms apply for the Stitch It product whilst it in status of Open Beta.

During the Open Beta Trial Period, there are no fees for use of the Open Beta version of Stitch It. After the Open Beta Trial Period, the product will be subject to standard pricing which will be described at our website. You are responsible to notify us before the end of Open Beta Trial Period regarding whether you wish to continue with a subscription for Stitch It, or finish use of Stitch It at the end of the Open Beta Trial Period.

Your participation:
  1. Your participation in this Open Beta Trial of Stitch It is entirely voluntary. You can withdraw your participation at any point. If you decide to withdraw, we will not ask you to give any reason.
  2. You agree to notify us of all problems identified or encountered with the beta product and all ideas for enhancements or product features which come to your attention during the term of this agreement, as well as any other suggestions, ideas, enhancement requests, feedback, code, recommendations or other information provided (the “Beta Trial Feedback”), which shall be subject to the terms of Clause 16 ‘Ownership and Feedback’. We may contact you and you will endeavour to make available a reasonable amount of time to discuss the beta product with us if so requested.

We retain all right, title and interest in and to any Beta Trial Feedback, all of which are hereby assigned to Adaptavist.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy:

We will keep confidential the information collected or recorded during the open beta trial, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You agree to keep confidential any information shared by us with you.

These terms and conditions supplement and are incorporated into the Adaptavist EULA and the Adaptavist Privacy Policy.

Stitch It’s Open Beta Fair Use:

In order to ensure a great user experience and service reliability for all users of Stitch It, the app is subject to fair use policy. We do not limit the number of users or workspaces in your account. We do however apply various limits and quotas to guard against accidents or malicious behaviour.

You agree not to exceed app usage limits stated here for Stitch It and that exceeding these limits will be considered as a breach of fair use as per the terms of the Adaptavist EULA.