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ScriptRunner for Jira Product Updates: Cloud

Find out what’s been released recently and what’s coming out next!

ScriptRunner product updates

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New feature alert: Behaviours

Behaviours – the number one most-requested feature for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud – is here.

Find out what’s included in the first release, how you can install it, plus four use cases for you to try right now!

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A person conditionally changes Jira ticket information based on the ticket type

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New and noteworthy

Here are some of the most recent updates to ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud that we think you need to know about.

Remember you can always access the latest release notes in our documentation.

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    Enhanced Search issue sync

    Some customers had reported problems with issue syncing in Enhanced Search. To help with troubleshooting, we’re now giving you more insight into the potential causes of failed syncing. You'll be able to see the exact reasons for issues not being able to sync so that you can take action accordingly.

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    Improved migration reports

    If you’re migrating from Server or Data Center to Cloud using Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, we’ve improved the migration report so that it now shows more detail around configurations which have failed to migrate.

Migration reports in action

What else are we thinking about right now?

Here are the features we're developing or exploring.

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Behaviours: beyond the first version

You’ll be happy to hear we won’t be stopping when the first version of Behaviours arrives. As Atlassian releases more APIs, we will be able to continue adding more functionalities and building on the first release of Behaviours. We’ve got a wish list, and we know you do too.

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Improving system security and reliability

We’re implementing new measures that will make ScriptRunner’s system more robust and help mitigate any potential security risks. Keep checking back for more detail!

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Enhanced Search: faster issue syncing

We've noticed that it can take a long time to sync issues particularly in very large instances. We’re working hard to ensure that issue syncing works more efficiently and performance will be better for those instances with a lot of issues (>1M issues).

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Get inspired with documentation

In addition to the latest release notes, ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud documentation also contains oodles of inspiration.

Whether you're brand new to ScriptRunner or have been using it for a while, we bet there's something in there that you haven't tried yet!

What else you'll find in our docs

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    Use cases
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    Training videos
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    Example scripts

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