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Looking to move on from Jira Server?

Migrate from Jira Server today with Project Configurator for Jira,
the #1 Jira project migration solution.

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Wherever you’re looking to move to, we can help.

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Server to Data Center

Streamline your migration to Data Center.

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Server to Cloud

Heading to the Cloud? Learn more about our upcoming plans for Jira Cloud.

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Migrate third party apps

Don’t leave your essential apps behind. Migrate apps such as ScriptRunner for Jira.

Migrate from Jira Server to Atlassian Data Center

Looking to migrate from Jira Server to Data Center? We’re ready when you are!

Project Configurator is the leading app in Jira project migrations. It will help you get from Jira Server to Data Center in the most streamlined way possible.

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Migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud

Migrating to Jira Cloud? If you need help with your Server to Cloud migration, our Professional Services team can help.

Click here for more details.

Alternatively, see how Project Configurator for Jira Cloud can help you save time and reduce errors during Cloud to Cloud configuration migrations.

Migrate third-party apps

If you’re moving from Jira Server then you’ll likely want to take some of your existing Jira apps with you. After all, without these apps you might be missing the functionality your users know and love.

With Project Configurator for Jira you can migrate a range of third-party apps such as ScriptRunner for Jira, Jira Suite Utilities, Jira Workflow Toolbox, and more.

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Looking for something more specific?

Get in touch with us to see how we can help with shorter term Project Configurator licensing and pricing options.

Please contact us via for more details.

Get some help using Project Configurator

Our dedicated team of e-Learning professionals and technical writers have created extensive but easily digestible online courses and documentation to help you complete your migration as smoothly as possible.

Hit play to see an example training module.

Install Learn for Jira to access the full PC training!

Like what you’ve seen and just want to start migrating?

Get started with Project Configurator today!

4,000 + teams around the world are simplifying their migrations using Project Configurator.

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Much more than a migration tool.

See how Project Configurator can help you reduce errors and save time once you reach your desired hosting destination