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App Pricing 2021

Our app prices are changing, effective 1 October 2021.

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Adaptavist is committed to providing enterprise-grade apps which solve your pain points. Over the past few years, we have made significant investments in feature development, an expanded support team, and reliability and performance optimisations. We have also invested in other initiatives designed to enhance your Atlassian toolset.

With Atlassian moving ever closer to the end of life for Server, conversations with customers are already in full swing around their options of migrating to Cloud and Data Center. The revised pricing will allow us to continue to deliver the high-quality user experience you have come to know and love. Prices will change 1 October 2021. 

As part of our strategy to help our customers get to where they need to go with minimal hassle, we are offering one-time promo-code discounts for customers when they renew.

Your questions, answered.

What Adaptavist apps will be affected by pricing changes? 

These apps will be subject to pricing changes;

  • ScriptRunner for Jira Server
  • ScriptRunner for Confluence Server
  • ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server
  • Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Server
  • Forms for Confluence Server
  • Community Forums for Confluence Server
  • Themebuilder for Confluence Server
What will the new pricing be? 

The price changes are dependant on your product and user tier. Find out more

Will the price change affect renewals (maintenance)? 

Yes, the price change will affect renewals. You can lock in your current price by renewing for 12 or 24 months before 1 October 2021. Note: Server renewals (maintenance) are 50% off the full price of a new license. 

How do I purchase a new license? 

You can purchase an Adaptavist App license multiple ways:

  1. Through a verified Adaptavist Channel Partner 
  2. On the Atlassian Marketplace 
  3. Through our account management team via the form below 
How do I renew my license? 

You can renew (also known as pay maintenance on) an Adaptavist App license multiple ways: 

  1. Through a verified Adaptavist Channel Partner 
  2. On the Atlassian Marketplace
  3. Through our account management team via the form below

You can purchase a new license at the current pricing before 1 October 2021. Simply go the Marketplace or use the form below to submit a question to our team.

Please note: Renewals for Server apps are 50% off the cost of a new license. Renew before 30 September 2021 to secure 50% off the existing pricing.

Can you tell us more about the time-limited discount codes?

We are offering limited time discount codes, for one product license per customer, if you purchase before 31 December 2021. These exclusive time-sensitive discounts are available so you can help transition over to Cloud or Date Center with as little hassle as possible. The available discounts are (subject to T&Cs):

  • 50% off Cloud or Data Center monthly or annual on ScriptRunner for Jira & ScriptRunner for Confluence 
  • 1 year free of ScriptRunner for Bamboo Server or Data Center (ScriptRunner for BitBucket customers only). 
  • 50% off Cloud monthly or annual or 50% off Data Center on Content Formatting Macros for Confluence / Forms for Confluence / Community Forums for Confluence.
Where can I go if I have more questions? 

If you have any questions about the pricing changes, you can complete the form below. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible. 

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