Save time & reduce misconfiguration when managing Jira

Download our step-by-step guide to avoid configuration errors with a "Staging to Production" process.

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What is this guide for? 

Being a Jira Admin is not easy. Occasionally, errors occur when configuring Jira that can affect a vital element of your Jira and have a significant impact on your business. This guide will help you to easily manage changes in Jira using a 'Staging to Production' process.

Here's a taste of what's inside:   

  • How to setup a second Jira instance
  • How to streamline the 'Staging to Production' process
  • How to promote changes into 'Production'
  • Configuration change best practices
  • And more...

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Implement your own 'Test, Staging, and Production' process today

Jira configuration mistakes could be costing your business $1,000's per hour. Implementing a 'Test, Staging, and Production' process in Jira is a very powerful way to prevent errors from going live in your 'Production' instance of Jira. It allows you to first test any changes in a non-production instance of Jira, before implementing the changes into your live system. 

This process can be done manually with the help of our step-by-step guide but you can also automate it using Project Configurator for Jira free for 30 days.

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