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Jira Workflow Automations

30+ ideas for instant workflow magic to immediately put time back in your day

Three colleagues encircle a box with the ScriptRunner logo which is releasing magical sparks

We want to help you get the most out of your Jira instance. This guide can solve headaches that you’re having right now in bringing your organisation’s processes successfully into Jira, and help you to claw back time, control and — as a result — cash.

Inspiration-stuffed with more than 30 ideas

We’ve deliberately included examples which we think are universal time-savers and process protectors, whatever your industry. Let us help you regain time and control starting today, and learn what else might be possible along the way.

We provide examples, inspiration and tools to help you automate right away across the topics shown here.

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    Information recency
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    Input control
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    Instant time savings
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    User and Role-based automations
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    Streamlined issue journeys
Workflow magic

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