With Notifications for Confluence you can:

You can also view Notifications for Confluence on our Adaptavist website .



Notifications for Confluence is available for installation from the Atlassian Marketplace, using Confluence Server Administration > Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), or by download from the  Atlassian Marketplace .

Plugin Licensing 

Notifications for Confluence is a commercial plugin licensed via Atlassian through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

Plugin Support

We offer plugin related support, Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Adaptavist Products and Plugins.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Notifications for Confluence

If you need more explanation or have any other questions then please contact us.

The Descendant Notifications and Notifications for Confluence plugin are the same plugin but Notifications for Confluence plugin was redesigned to accommodate the Confluence 5 changes. Hence Descendant Notifications is for versions before Confluence 5

The general, recommended way of upgrading a Confluence is to uninstall the plugins before the upgrade, and once the upgrade is finished, re-installing it back. In this case, uninstall the Descendant Notifications, upgrade the Confluence instance and then install the Notifications for Confluence.

If you have unknowingly installed both plugins in your instance at the same time, We suggest to uninstall both plugins and then clear the plugin cache. Here you can find the instructions . After that, please install only the Notifications for Confluence and do the rebuild in Confluence Administration site / Notification for Confluence menu.

In older versions,

The rebuilding was provided so that users migrating from Confluence 4 versions to Confluence 5 could migrate the data from Descendant Notifications to Notifications for Confluence plugin. In order to use the plugin, rebuilding the data functions is provided, so the menu elements, which were not displayed could appear. This is needed to be done only once.

In newer versions,

In the next version of the plugin we will separate this and check automatically, if there was Descendant Notification plugin installed formerly, therefore the rebuild will be not needed for those users who were not using Descendant Notification plugin.


Google Analytics has been embedded in Notifications for Confluence in v.1.2.4. Please see our documentation for information on turning off google analytics : Turning off Google Analytics

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