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After an Import Remote Links or Confluence Links are MissingKristian WalkerMay 07, 2019
Validation error without any further informationJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Unable to import values for the "Time in Status" custom fieldJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Time in Status Field Does Not ExistJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
The custom field 'XXXX ' requires option 'YYYY' for the import but it does not exist in the current JIRA instance.Jannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Sprints across several projects are duplicatedJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
No timezone information in the exported dataJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
java.lang.NumberFormatException: null within SprintImportHandlerJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "[99999]"Jannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Error stating that The selected filter is not available to you, perhaps it has been deleted or had its permissions changedJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Error stating that the Priority with name null is not available for scheme Default priority schemeJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Error stating that The largest text field with length of XXXXX exceeds the allowed limit of XXXXXJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Error stating Caused by: com.atlassian.jira.exception.CreateException: Error occurred while creating issue through workflowJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
DataAccessException occurred while creating Entity type 'EntityProperty'Jannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Custom field context that applies only to some issue typesJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
A null pointer error refering to priority schemes is displayed when exporting projectsJannina KoskinenApr 24, 2019
Frequent Exporting Configurations ErrorsPepe MaranonDec 20, 2018
Missing a FieldLayoutItem for FieldLayout XXXX and field YYYYYPepe MaranonJun 26, 2018
Error about orphaned custom field valuesPepe MaranonApr 28, 2017
Error when creating a status, resolution, issue type or priorityPepe MaranonJun 10, 2014

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