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Compatible with Confluence 6.8.x


Widget Connector

SDON Updates

Now you can create SAFE Diagrams like this one (using ScriptRunner)

New Features

  • TextGrow - Allows you to set the way text causes the shape to grow.
  • Signature - Unique signature now required for all SDON.
  • ColumnWidth & RowHeight - Tables now support user defined column widths and row heights.
  • ShapeArray - Defines a list of shapes arranged in a matrix, rather than along a connector, for greater layout flexibility.
  • Shapes in Tables - Table cells can now hold shapes in addition to text.
  • ShapeConnectorType - Can now define the type of connectors to better fit layout.
  • SmartDraw Symbols - Can now reference any symbol included with SmartDraw.

Syntax Changes

  • More consistency for case and pluralization of properties.
  • Row shading added to tables.
  • Index replaced by Row and Column Properties.

Enhanced Wireframes with new Symbols and Templates

Widget Connector

Built-In Precision

You can build a quick and dirty website wireframe or you can spend some time carefully laying out a pixel-perfect mockup or UI prototype. SmartDraw lets you do both.

Any element you add to your design will display its dimensions in pixels when selected. You can easily drag to resize the element and see its dimensions change in real-time or simply type the desired width or height in pixels right into the dimension display to resize any symbol instantly.

SmartDraw is the best ways to mock up design concepts for websites and prototype UI/UX for apps.

Trello Integration

  • Add diagrams to Trello cards.
  • Create project charts online and connect tasks to your Trello boards. You can easily plan and visualise a project in SmartDraw and your team can use Trello to mark their progress on tasks. Changes made in SmartDraw are reflected on the Trello board in real time, and vice versa. It's a powerful combination.
  • Create a Trello card for any item on a mind map. Brainstorm and run meetings using SmartDraw's visuals and make them actionable with Trello.

  • Turn any mind map into a Gantt chart with just a click. Switch between views easily. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other.

Loads of New Templates

  • Over 140 new presentation-ready templates for infographics.
  • New Gantt charts and task-enabled mind maps are now available too.

Performance improvements for FireFox

  • We've improved the performance when working with text and using FireFox
  • Bug fix: Now able to edit existing diagrams using Firefox

Smart Controls

The new smart symbols allow you to quickly add items to menus and lists, add and remove icons, add separators, or toggle controls - in just a single click. There are also handy keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus to make building your next project a breeze. You can quickly build:

  • Horizontal and vertical checklists and radio lists
  • Stacked containers or accordions
  • Button bars and link bars
  • Tabbed windows
  • Menus
  • Calendar and map widgets
  • Video player and volume controls
  • Keyboards
  • iOS and Android UI elements
  • And more

What else is new in SmartDraw 1.3.20?

  • Import data to build organisational charts and mind maps and export data from existing diagrams.
  • All CAD drawings now have a powerful annotation layer.
  • Save your diagrams to Box® in addition to the variety of existing third-party storage options SmartDraw has.
  • Import Visio® stencils in addition to Visio® files.