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Debug Comments

When building a new skin it can be useful to make 'Display Debug Comment' checked in ThemeBuilder > (select skin) > Options tab

This will display extra information when viewing html source or using a tool such as Firebug in Firefox.

Example Output:

userAgent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0' 
skin : 'com.adaptavist.confluence.theme.engine.skins.model.Skin@aff33d2b' 
skinId : 'TEST2' 
spaceName : 'test2' 
currentURL : '%2Fconfluence%2Fdisplay%2FTES%2FForm%2BMail%2BOne' 
contextPath : '/confluence' 
action name : 'viewpage' ********* Builder data ********* 
adaptavist.builder.sitemeshPage: com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.parser.TokenizedHTMLPage@4c6291ee 
adaptavist.builder.helper: com.atlassian.confluence.themes.PageHelper@6cc6f949 
adaptavist.builder.actualPageTitle: Form Mail One 
adaptavist.builder.mode: view 
adaptavist.builder.context: page 
adaptavist.builder.decorator: page 
adaptavist.builder.pageContext: com.atlassian.confluence.renderer.PageContext@cbf72858 Current 
adaptavist.builder.skinId: TEST2 Latched 
adaptavist.builder.skinId: null 
Flags in order of priority: 
REQUEST flags - with-sidebar(true) myflag(true) without-sidebar(false) login(false) 
SESSION flags - none 
USER flags - none 
PAGE flags - none 
SPACE flags - none 
GLOBAL flags - none 
********* Flag Logic ********* 
Setting with-sidebar to false 
Setting without-sidebar to true 
Setting login to false 
Decorator is one of globa/profile/search/login/unknown 
In edit mode 
Setting with-sidebar to true 
Setting without-sidebar to false 
Setting login to false 


See the Debug section on this page for more information - Skin Editor - Options

Set Skin by URL

You can also add a query string to the end of the page address to force Confluence to use any skin when ThemeBuilder is the Theme for that space.

Example: Add 'skin=root' to see how that space will display in the default ThemeBuilder skin.
(if this is the first parameter in a page address, use a '?' to preface - if there are other parameters use '&')

So  - http://domain/page
becomes - http://domain/page?skin=root

Press enter and reload the page to see it with the default skin.

Remove the query string and reload the page to see it in the skin you set through ThemeBuilder.

This is a great tool for comparing small changes against the default ThemeBuilder skin, and is also good for troubleshooting if you are not sure if something in your work has broken the current skin.

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