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ThemeBuilder is available for installation through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) Find New Add-ons screen.



You can also download the plugin from Adaptavist, or the Atlassian Marketplace, and then install using the UPM Manage Add-ons screen.



There is a trial version, but after 30 days the plugin will need to be licensed.

Package Contents

The ThemeBuilder Editor package contains two plugins:

  1. Adaptavist ThemeBuilder Editor - this plugin allows the creation and editing of skin data which can be used by the Engine. For the engine to be able to pick-up and use data created by the editor, the editor must be fully licensed
  2. Adaptavist ThemeBuilder Engine - this plugin takes the data created by the editor and uses it to present a themed experience to the end user.


ThemeBuilder no longer requires the Content Formatting and Page Information Tools plugins to work, but you may find them helpful when customising Confluence content.

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