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The Selectacular and Trim Comments add-ons were added as dependencies of ThemeBuilder to solve specific developer issues at the time. These issues are no longer relevant and so we removed these add-ons as dependencies in ThemeBuilder from version 5.6.0.

Selectacular in Confluence 6+

The decision to remove Selectacular is particularly related to issues with Confluence 6 onward:

  • We have found that Selectacular can interfere with the editing process when collaborative editing is enabled, causing a communications error message when saving pages
  • It has also been reported that Selectacular can affect the Confluence Word import functionality

If you see any of these problems in Confluence 6+ please go to your manage add-ons page in Confluence Administration and disable Adaptavist Selectacular. You can also uninstall the add-on if you prefer.

Trim Comments

If you're going to miss the functionality from Trim Comments you can find it in our ScriptRunner for Confluence add-on, which brings you the power to extend Confluence events, script macros or customise menus and dialogs.

Read more about Bulk Delete Comments (previously Trim Comments) as a built in script in ScriptRunner for Confluence.

Further Questions

If you have any other questions on the deprecation of Selectacular and Trim Comments please contact our support team.

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