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You can import your data or integrate any automated testing tools with Adaptavist Test Management. By using the API (REST), you can store the test automation execution results into Adaptavist Test Management. The API (REST) is HTTP-based and can be used from any framework, programming language or tool. Submitting data to Adaptavist Test Management via the API (REST) is done via simple POST/PUT requests. Requesting data is done through GET requests.

For detailed documentation, please, refer to the following page: API documentation 

The URL for API requests is:{endpoint}

At this time, we'll be releasing the main functionality - which will revolve around publishing test results to Test Management for Jira Cloud. 

After this release, we'll continue to work on developing the functionality, including adding endpoints to create Test Scripts for test cases and more.

If there's something missing that you'd really like to be included, please raise a request through our Support Desk.

Getting Started

  1. Firstly, please review the API documentation for all the details on available endpoints and data models for the API. 
  2. Head to the Test Management for Jira API keys page from the menu item for your user. Please refer to the Generating access keys for the REST API page for more information. 

  3. Generate a new key. Each user interacting with the API will need a key for that instance of Jira.

  4. Start using the API!

N.B When you post a test execution result using the API and include a username, this will currently appear as a manual execution. This is by design, so that users have a way of marking an execution as manual, even if it has been added via the API.

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