We’re excited to announce that TM4J - Test Management for Jira is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more : https://smartbear.com/blog/test/test-management-for-jira-joins-the-smartbear-family/

This documentation has moved. For the most recent documentation, check out https://docs.adaptavist.com. Please update your bookmarks and links.

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To install Test Management for Jira for your project, you must either be a site admin or have the required role as per the permission scheme for the project. 

  1. Log in to your Jira instance as an admin.

  2.  Click Settings (cog icon) on the Jira pop-out menu.

  3. Click Apps.

  4. Click Find New Apps.

  5. Search for Adaptavist Test Management for Jira
    The app tile appears as the search results filter.

  6. Click the Test Management for Jira app tile.

    The Add to Jira screen appears.

  7. Click Start Trial.

    The app installs. You can see the details by clicking Manage Apps.

    Next, you'll want to enable the app. See Enabling the App for detailed instructions.
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