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Welcome to Test Management for Jira Cloud, Adaptavist's full-featured test management solution that seamlessly integrates with Jira!

The Get Started section contains high-level information about Test Management for Jira, including installation and initial configuration procedures. There's also info about testing within Agile teams and how you can use this add-on to make your testing more efficient.

Admin privileges are required to complete most of the setup tasks in this section.

Test Management for Jira (TM4J) helps you coordinate and track all your testing activities and produce real-time insights with out-of-the-box reports. Assessing the quality of your product has never been easier.

And all from a convenient central location—Jira!

Check out the full list of benefits and features Test Management for Jira Cloud has to offer!

Easy Startup

  • Modern UI that seamlessly integrates with Jira
  • Hassle-free migrations from legacy test management tools
  • Project-level settings for customisation and standardisation 
  • Rich APIs for integration with automation tools and frameworks you already use for greater efficiency

  • Flexible subscription model for lower total cost of ownership (Atlassian Cloud, Server, and Data Center)

Up Your Testing Game

  • Custom fields for test cases, test plans, and test runs
  • End-to-end traceability across all artifacts for enhanced coverage/impact analysis and increased auditability

  • Shared steps to eliminate duplication and increase efficiency

  • Versioning for test cases to track full change history and establish a single point of maintenance

  • Enhanced settings and custom fields to establish consistency across Jira projects

  • Test-case libraries with versioning and reusable test steps

  • REST APIs for integration with test automation and DevOps tools

Boost Collaboration

  • Flexible workflows for teams using agile or traditional development methodologies

  • Cross-project hierarchical repositories for all test assets to drive reusability and break down silos
  • Hierarchical folders for managing and reusing testing assets across Jira projects, releases, and sprints

Track and Report Like a Boss

  • Access to 20+ cross-project reports

  • Environment management tools to track test results against any platform/environment
  • Test plans and test cycles for managing and tracking test-execution cycles
  • End-to-end traceability across test cases, requirements, test-execution results, and defects

Learn with Supplemental Videos

We're continuously updating our customer documentation to ensure the latest features and changes are communicated accurately and clearly. If you find something is missing or confusing, please let us know and we'll address it immediately.

Here's a brief tutorial of TM4J in action, if you'd like to see some of the basic maneuvers immediately. All of the tasks in the video are documented for you in text, as well.

Additional supplemental videos are now being created, so let us know if you have preferences on what we cover first!

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