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What's New

After many months of hard work, the TM4J Cloud team has released the REST API. 

We've been beta-testing the API over the last month or so, collecting feedback and improving the way this works. 

At this time, we'll be releasing the main functionality - which will revolve around publishing test results to Test Management for Jira. 

After this release, we'll continue to work on developing the functionality, including adding endpoints to create Test Scripts for a test case.

If there's something missing that you'd really like to be included, please raise a request through our Support Desk.

Current Limitations

In order to make the API available as soon as possible for beta-testing, there are a few areas that are still in development.

These include the following, that will not be available during the beta phase:

  • Change history for updates via the API

  • No Test Script endpoints currently available 

Getting Started

  1. Firstly, please review the API documentation for all the details on available endpoints and data models for the API. 

  2. Generate an access key through the Test Management for Jira API key generator - for more information on this, see here
  3. Now you're set to get started with using the REST API!

The URL for API requests is:{endpoint}

The authorisation we use is based on JWT( - you'll need to use a Bearer token. Add the "Authorization" header with the value "Bearer {token}".

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