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{sub-section:1}1st section of doco - test addition...




  • An ID must be specified directly after the : (colon). The ID used to identify the sub-section on the page, all sub-sections with the same id will end up with the same content after editing, hence this ID should be unique for the page.
    • Note: If the page content is included elsewhere by {include}, {metadata-from} or {zone-template-instance} or the like, the sub-section should be unqiue for the entire confluence installation, perhaps using the pageid in the sub-section id.


  • showComment – Show/Hide the comment textbox in the sub-section. Either true or false. Default to true.
  • comment – Set the text of the version comment. Default : "sub-section:ID edited".
  • showMinorChange – Show/Hide the minorEdit checkbox in the sub-section. Either true or false. Default to true.
  • minorChange – Either true or false. A minor change won't send a notification to watchers. Default to false.
  • metadata – The key of the metadata in which the wikimarkup will be stored. Default: no metadata set.

All the parameters (keys and values) are case insensitive. Metadata keys are still case sensitive.


Example of use:

{sub-section:ID}text that can be edited{sub-section}

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