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The evaluation feature which exists on the Script Listeners page is designed to allow a condition to be specified which will only allow the listener code to be executed when the condition evaluates to true as described in the documentation page here.

Please note that when no condition is specified in the conditions code box then the condition will always evaluate to true and the listener code will always be executed.

Step-by-step guide

In order to add a new condition please follow the steps below which demonstrate how to create a sample condition which mandates that the Script Listener code will only get fired when the issue type is a Story.

  1. Navigate to the Script Listener where you wish to add the condition.
  2. In the code box below the text which says If the following condition evaluates to true: add the code below to specify the condition.'^(Story)$') != null
For more examples of conditions please refer to the documentation page here as well as the Jira Expressions API documentation page located here