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Compatible with Jira 7.0.0 - 8.1.1


Bug SD-150  DevCloud - ERD Diagram - Make the table shapes have TextGrow=Horizontal

Bug SD-206  Fixed Only 1 decimal point issue    

Task SD-264  SiteMap - shapes out of the drawing area after collapsing and expanding your doc

Task SD-277 :: Class Diagram UI on 1024 x 768/1152 x 864         

Task SD-278 :: Extensions - Template dialog on 1024 x 768         

Task SD-282 :: Class Diagram 1152 x 864 - Build Diagram button cutoff

Task SD-305 :: Class Diagram - webpage error if you build a large Class diagram, group and then ungroup it         

Bug SD-319 :: Gantt Charts - webpage error when applying a Style  

Bug Bug SD-328  Cloud :: After locking an object in Floor Plans, no lines can be drawn.        

Bug SD-330  ERD diagram - arrowhead style not being highlighted in the Smartpanel but does in the Menu ribbon

Bug SD-332 :: IE11 Template screen - you see the outline of a box around a few icons  

Bug SD-333  Class diagram library not docked        

Bug SD-339 :: Data Table UI    

Bug SD-344 :: Cloud - Floorplans - changing the right side dimension of a wall causes your door to move oddly

Bug SD-345 :: QA Cloud - Floorplans - changing the dimension in the dialog doesn't update the drawing area correctly       

Task SD-348 :: Cloud - Decimal precision

Bug SD-349 :: Trello - Mindmap template shouldn't show the Data tab in the SP       

Bug SD-350 :: Cloud - Floorplans - extension line moves in the opposite direction of your mouse       

Bug SD-351 :: Cloud - Floorplans door symbols - moving extension lines doesn't work  

Bug SD-352 :: Cloud - Floorplan - Building Outline - door jumps across empty space when editing dimension     

Bug SD-353 :: Cloud - Floorplans - editing door position on a room outline causes webpage error     

Task SD-354 :: Field Data table view enhancements      

Task SD-355 :: Field data - add Import From File on main data panel.     

Bug SD-356 :: Data Table SmartPanel UI - importing a table with a long name looks odd        

Task SD-357 :: Add support for xls/xlsx files for data import/update.     

Bug SD-358 :: Dev - Data Table - Safari - cursor is misplaced when dragging data       

Bug SD-360 :: Cloud - Adding "$'s" as text to any shape in Cloud causes problems in the generated PDF

Task SD-361 :: Data panel - UI rework for support of data display in shapes.       

Task SD-362 :: Field data import

Bug SD-364 :: Floating Point dimensions     

Task SD-376 :: Dont grow work area with every shape when importing SDON    

Bug SD-391 :: Org Chart shapes      

Bug SD-395 :: QA Cloud - Editing a dimension gives me a webpage error      

Bug SD-400 :: Remove 'are you sure' message when converting from anon trial to an exiting user     

SD-404 :: Indicate to users in the editor that they should sign up to keep their document   Story

Bug SD-405 :: Filling out my account doesn't trigger a conversion    

Task SD-446 :: Manually clean up and deploy extensions code to GitHub

Bug SD-451 :: Need include from Trello in index.aspx in Atlassian server builds

Bug SD-468 :: Scroll arrows too small on files with many pages

SD-473 :: Update Developer Documentation Site  Story

Task SD-474 :: Update JSON Object Model Page

Task SD-475 :: Update the Code Examples in the Bridging Library Example Page

Task SD-478 :: Review C# SDON API Documentation     

Task SD-484 :: Org chart shapes - making a shape into a photo shape makes the shape too wide.

Task SD-488 :: Push New CMS Content         

Story SD-489 :: License for public extension code    

Task SD-490 :: (CMS) Allow custom extensions to show up and turn off "flags=128" requirement

Bug SD-497 :: Org Chart shapes - changing shapes can still grow larger than they should - see attached

Task SD-504 :: Add "This feature is disabled" modal when a user tries to use an extension when extensions are disabled  

Bug Fixes

  • Bug SD-337 Jira - Dev cloud - incorrect dialog when updating a saved diagram

  • Bug SD-374 Atlassian server addons use our CDN for app code and shouldn't   

  • Bug SD-487 Confluence/Jira Cloud - if your account isn't linked then you shouldn't have the option to "Add Custom Library"   

  • Bug SD-420 Jira Server - the "Create Trello Card" button in the SP doesn't launch Trello     

  • Bug SD-397 Jira Cloud (QA) - if you have a long file name the mouseover is off-center        

  • Bug SD-342 Jira Cloud web panel doesn't refresh after changes    

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