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New and Improved

  • A new Data fields panel
  • Ability to import .vsdm files - 'macro enabled Visio documents'
  • Ability to see multi-page documents in Jira
  • Faster Previews - Now uses the super fast SVG view with the option to load the full viewer
  • ToolTips for notes and data fields now show up in exported SVGs
  • Multi-page PDFs export support, now when you export a multi-page JIRA attachment to PDF, you will get a multi-page pdf. (Printing is still just the current page)
  • SDON now supports Gantt charts, auto-create Gantt charts with data from JIRA projects and issues
  • SDON now supports data fields, auto-create diagrams with special info added and visible in the preview SVG image
  • Improved - Exported SVGs are now self-contained


  • Multiple fixes for dimensions in floorplans
  • Fix for renaming custom libraries
  • Complete refactor of our conversion and print server to make it easier to maintain and support.
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