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Compatible with Jira Server & Jira Data Center 7.2.0 - 8.3.5

Fixes and Improvements


New Features and Changes

  • [PCDEV-1292] - Change the name of Used By Report to Object Dependencies Report
  • [PCDEV-1293] - Change the description and button text in Used By Report 
  • [PCDEV-1298] - Getting Started page links to open in new tab
  • [PCDEV-1299] - Change the order of items in the Project Configurator menu

Bug Fixes

  • [PCDEV-1286] - Workflow Configuration for the Assign to Project Role Post function provided by the Jira Workflow Toolbox plugin is not migrated correctly
  • [PCDEV-1325] - Project Configurator gives a string out of range error on Windows OS
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