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Compatible with Jira Server 7.20 - 8.1.1 and Jira Data Center 7.2.0 - 8.1.1


Introducing Project Configurator for Jira 3.0

Release Notes

We are delighted to announce a major release for Project Configurator for Jira (PC4J 3.0). This release brings major functionality and user experience improvements to help make project migrations and configuration changes easier than ever:

  • More comprehensive error detection during import simulations.- Flexibility to select/deselect objects from the import simulation UI, rather than wasting time editing the XML file or redoing the export phase.
  • Individual errors will no longer interrupt an import. When the error makes a required object unavailable, the dependent operations will be automatically skipped.
  • New user interface for imports: tree-like structure and colour coding now makes all import reports much easier to analyse.
  • Easily identify the creation of new objects and changes to existing ones, and enable/disable them separately.
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