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Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

Fixes and Improvements


New Feature

  • [PCDEV-30] - Support transfer of automation rules
  • [PCDEV-31] - Support approval steps
  • [PCDEV-658] - Support transfer of notification rules


  • [PCDEV-644] - Support new IssueCreate post function from Jira Workflow Toolbox Plugin
  • [PCDEV-657] - Import Conflict Detection not progressing with ZIPs
  • [PCDEV-666] - The mention about created values for "Customer request type" custom fields appears even for software projects
  • [PCDEV-678] - Request Type icons are not imported correctly in Service Desk 3.10.0
  • [PCDEV-683] - Can't import JSD project
  • [PCDEV-685] - Project Versions Import - start date doesn't get imported (Complete Imports only)
  • [PCDEV-686] - Service desk changes must be selected as "skipped" when the user chooses to skip "Project changes"


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