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Compatible with JIRA 7.9

Fixes and Improvements



  • [PCDEV-635] - Can't remove the default priority of a priority scheme
  • [PCDEV-720] - Simulations fail on references to a request type that has not been created yet
  • [PCDEV-721] - Satisfaction survey results not migrated for Jira Service Desk
  • [PCDEV-723] - Errors that occur in the simulated phase for complete imports cause a 404 error
  • [PCDEV-725] - Changes to request type fields may error during the simulation if the request type has to be created
  • [PCDEV-728] - Service desk automation rules involving components are not being handled correctly


  • [PCDEV-726] - Ensure compatibility with Jira 7.9
  • [PCDEV-727] - Support new configuration in Kanban boards to hide done issues older than set limit
  • [PCDEV-714] - Improve the error message for JQL parse errors
  • [PCDEV-719] - Clarify extent of the options "Continue on errors with dashboard or filters"
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