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The Project Configurator Checklist includes prerequisites, key tasks, and best practices to help ensure that your data migrations run smoothly with Project Configurator. We recommend that you refer to the Project Configurator Checklist whenever you prepare for a migration process whether you are merging multiple instances or simply promoting a few changes from a development environment to production.

Project Configurator Migration Checklist

  • Have a paid PC license; you must have a paid license to import to a production instance
  • Jira version, language, and locale are the same on both source and target instances
  • Apps installed on your source Jira instance are also installed on your target instance
  • All User accounts are the same in source and target instances
  • Provision a staging instance to test before importing to a production environment
  • Create backups of your source and target instances
  • Disable outgoing mail for user accounts
  • Follow a tested and defined process for all your migration tasks
  • Limit disruption to users by performing tasks out of hours; consider staging the import through separate files and limiting the exporting of attachments