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Project Configurator is an app for Jira that automates the process of manually copying projects and configurations from one Jira instance to another. It allows you to specify whether to export and import only specific project configurations or complete projects (configuration and data).

Project Configurator is able to handle not only the project specific configurations but also global objects such as custom fields, schemes, workflows etc that are referenced in the project configuration. Other global objects that are not, strictly speaking, required for a project configuration such as filters, dashboards and agile boards can also be migrated. See the full list of supported object types for more information.   

To get started with Project Configurator, we advise following the guide below along with watching the introduction videos to help you understand how Project Configurator works.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Read the Getting Started with Project Configurator pages along with the best practices guides for migrations.
  2. Read our migration guide which is a how-to article defining the steps in the migration process.
  3. Read about the supported object types and object-specific information to understand what configuration objects are supported by Project Configurator.
  4. Watch the introduction videos shown in the Video Resources section below.
  5. Install a trial of the app inside a test instance in order to test how it works against some sample configuration and data.

What Do You Want to Do?

Project Configurator can help you in several different ways, but to begin let's looks our most common use cases: 

Use Case 1Responsible Change Management: You have configured new projects or made changes to the configurations of existing projects in a development instance and want to transfer those changes to the production environment while the issue data in production must remain as it is.

Use Case 2 - Migrate projects from one instance to another: You want to move one or more projects from one Jira instance to another.

Use Case 3 - Migrating from Jira Server to Data Center with Project Configurator: You want to move your Jira Server instances to Jira Data Center while retaining all of your project data including configuration, history, and user mappings. 

Video Resources

To view a demo video of our responsible change management use case, follow the link below.

To view a demo video of our migrating projects from one instance to another use case, follow the link below.


  • To transfer projects or their configurations, you must have the Jira System Administrator permissions in all instances where you are going to use Project Configurator.
  • Project Configurator must be installed on both the source and target instances, however a paid license is only required for the target instance. You can use a trial or evaluation license to complete your export/import processes for a Jira test instance, but you must have a paid license to complete an import on a Jira production instance.
  • If the configuration refers to custom field types, searchers, workflow conditions, post-functions or any other extension defined in an app, the same version of the app must be installed and enabled in the target instance. 
  • When preparing for any migration process, we recommend that you review the Project Configurator Checklist.


There are a few things Project Configurator can't do. Learn more on the Limitations page.

Learn More

If you want to know more about the functionality of Project Configurator, have a look at these links:

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