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Exported Custom Fields

Project Configurator exports configuration objects that are used directly or indirectly by the exported project(s). As any field configuration in Jira contains all system and custom fields and every project uses at least one field configuration, the previous rule means that all custom fields will be exported.

However, this is not always convenient. If the original instance has many custom fields, this could make the load into another instance unnecessarily complex and increase the risk of unexpected effects on other projects. So the app offers options for those Jira admins that wish to export only those custom fields that are used by the project configuration excluding the rest of custom fields from the export file.

The app considers a custom field as "used" by a project if:

It is used in any of the project's permission, notification or issue security scheme


It is used in any workflow used by the project


(It is visible in at least one field configuration used by the project


It is included in at least one screen used by the project)


It has a value set in any of the issues of the project

The part related to field configurations and screens: "users of the project can see this custom field in a screen".

New filtering option

Since version 2.2.3 of Project Configurator, there is an intermediate filtering option: "Only those used in projects (no values considered)". This option will export only custom fields used by the exported projects but ignoring whether there are values set for those fields in issues of the exported projects. In terms of the criteria above, this is equivalent to ignoring the last condition, after the last "OR". This means that a custom field which is not used in any of the project schemes or workflows, and is not visible in any of the screens used by the project will not be exported, even if some issues in the exported projects have values for those custom fields.

This intermediate option is intended only for users with large databases and when the query that evaluates the condition about custom field values might have an excessive impact on times required for exporting. In all other cases, its use is not recommended.

Custom fields used in dashboard gadgets

If you are exporting dashboards and a gadget is exported that uses a given custom field (for example it is one of the fields included in the columns for the Assigned to Me Gadget), this custom field will be included in the export, regardless it is used by a exported project or not.

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