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Import of a configuration fails with the message:

Load failed for reason: Missing a FieldLayoutItem for FieldLayout XXXX and field YYYYY

Some common messages are:

  • Missing a FieldLayoutItem for FieldLayout Default Field Configuration and field com.pyxis.greenhopper.Jira:gh-global-rank:Rank (Obsolete)
  • Missing a FieldLayoutItem for FieldLayout Default Field Configuration and field com.pyxis.greenhopper.Jira:gh-epic-color:Epic Colour  (The last word might also be 'Color' instead of 'Colour')

Some Background

Under the normal course of things, when a custom field is created, Jira automatically creates entries for it in all existing field configurations. Also, when a new field configuration is created it is created with entries for all fields existing in the instance, either system or custom. This means that it is never necessary to create an entry for a field in a field configuration, as they exist from the moment either a custom field or a field configuration are created.

Project Configurator takes this fact into account, and if it detects a situation where it would have to create an entry for a field in a field configuration considers it an anomaly and stops the import with that message.


Check if the field YYYY mentioned in the message does exist in the instance. For example:

  • Maybe the referred custom field is a locked field which must be created by an app/application such as Jira Agile/Software. In this case, ensure the right version of the app/application is installed at the target instance. Verify also that it is installed with the same locale it had been installed at the source instance. For example, Jira Agile/Software creates the fields with different names depending on the locale at the moment of installation. This difference in names will make the source fields be missing at the target. See Project Import Fails with "custom field xxx of type xxx is required for the import but does not exist" for more details. The ultimate goal is that the set of Jira Agile/Software custom fields is exactly the same in both instances.
  • If the field had to be created when the configuration is imported, verify that the import of custom fields was not disabled (see the Import Options page of our documentation).
  • If it is a time tracking field, check that time tracking is enabled in the target instance. Otherwise, the time tracking fields are not available.

If none of these quick checks solves the problem, please file an issue in our Support Portal