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If you have permission to remove comments from a page, the Move link will be available within a comment.

Clicking this link will open the custom action allowing you to select a new destination page.

Note that the destination must be a page, so you can move comments from a blog post to a page, or from a page to a page but not from a page to a blog post.

You can enter the destination page title on this page. If you want to create a new page using the current comment click the create new page option. The top level comment will then become the content of the page and any child comments will be added to the new page.

The comment moves are actually implemented by deleting the comments of the old pages and recreating them on the new page, so you need to be aware that multiple emails will be sent out of moving a large comment tree.
If there are any links to Confluence content in the comments being moved. They will be automatically updated to point to the correct space if required. (Please note image links are not currently updated. This is something that isn't supported when moving any page content within Confluence.)

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