We’re excited to announce that TM4J - Test Management for Jira is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more : https://smartbear.com/blog/test/test-management-for-jira-joins-the-smartbear-family/
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You can specify permission settings for Test Management for Jira for each of the following areas: 

  • Test Cases
  • Test Plans
  • Test Cycles
  • Test Executions
  • Reports
  • Configuration

Permissions can be set for three different user types: individual users, project roles, or groups.

You probably don't want every person on your team to have the same level of access to Test Management for Jira. For example, you may want to limit who has the authority to change configuration settings, delete test cases, delete test executions, etc. 

Regardless of what kinds of changes you want to make to permissions—even if you want to disable the permission system completely—you can set your plan in action in Jira's project administration settings.

Setting Permissions

  1. Click Administration (cog icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click Projects in the drop-down list.

    The Administration page opens, with focus on the Projects tab.

  2. Select the project for which you want to update permissions.
    The Project Settings page appears.

  3. Click Test Management for Jira at the bottom of the left panel.

    Project settings options for TM4J appear.

  4. Scroll to the Permissions section.

  5. Optional: Enable or disable the permission system.
    If the permission system is disabled, any user has the authority to perform all actions in TM4J.

  6. Click one of the editable fields for the action you want to change.

    All of the fields for the action become editable.

  7. Add or remove users, roles, and/or groups for the action.

  8. Click Save and refresh the page to apply the changes.
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