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Released 20 Jan 2020


Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

If manually downloading the archive from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure to download the TM4J version that is compatible with your Jira. Version 6.9.0-jira7 is compatible with Jira 7 only, and version 6.9.0 is compatible with Jira 8.x and later.

This version is compatible with Jira 8.7 and includes changes for GDPR compliance. Remember to upgrade to this version before upgrading your Jira instance to ensure everything works as expected. (smile)

What's New

Check out the features we’ve recently added to TM4J.

  • TM4J Server is now compatible with Jira 8.7.
  • We improved export and reporting thresholds to give you more control over your system's performance.
    We made the UI language and system messages more clear, too. 
    Check out Setting Thresholds to Improve Performance to learn more.
  • You now have the ability to import a CSV or Excel file containing custom field information for test steps.


Here are the most important bugs we’ve fixed since the last TM4J Server release.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Test Execution Results (Detailed) report to fail to open if it included 2100+ test executions or test cases.
  • Fixed the handling of test executions without a status on the GET /testrun endpoint.
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