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Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

If manually downloading the archive from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure to download the one compatible with your Jira. Version 6.7.0-jira7 is compatible with Jira 7 only and version 6.7.0 is compatible with Jira 8.x and later.

This version has been withdrawn from the Atlassian Marketplace due to an issue with a database upgrade task introduced on version 6.6.0. All changes and improvements listed below are included in the next publicly available version (6.7.2).

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where archived environments were showing in the dropdown options for test cases in test cycles
  • Fixed a bug where 'Assigned to' and 'Executed by' fields were not visible in the Test execution results (detailed) report
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Test Cycle screen to load in older versions of Chrome, Firefox and EDGE
  • Increased the number of auto-complete options for test cases, cycles, and plans when filtering reports 
  • Improved GET /testrun/{testRunId} endpoint to block calls with empty "fields" queryParam
  • Confirmed compatibility with Jira 8.3.0

New Feature: Archive and Unarchive Test Cases

You can now archive and unarchive test cases in the test library. This gives you the freedom to remove unwanted test cases from the test library without permanently deleting the data. 

Simply select the desired test case and click Archive. All archived test cases are visible in the Archived section at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, where the folders are located. 

You can unarchive these test cases at any time by selecting, then clicking Unarchive.

See Archive and Unarchive Test Cases for more information!

To archive:

To view archived test cases:

To unarchive test cases:

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