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Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

Support for Cucumber and Behaviour-Driven Development

Writing BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) test cases is simple and easy to do. TM4J allows the user to create BDD test cases in JIRA as well as export the test case to a feature file. This feature file can then be used as a reference for writing automated tests that will be needed for it to run. Learn more here. We also improved the integration with test automation tools, learn more details here.

Integration with Jenkins

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool that helps with the deployment of software projects. Through this, you can run automated tests while building a project, and monitor the results. The brand new TM4J Jenkins plugin enables a set of tasks that both report on automated test results and run BDD test cases from within JIRA. Learn more here.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug when cloning test plans.
  • Fixed a bug when exporting to XLS when having date custom fields.
  • Fixed a bug when generating the report "Test execution results list". It wasn't displaying all bugs linked to the test execution result.
  • Fixed a bug when using backspace in a table cell for the last character. It was deleting the cell.
  • Improved the import of test cases via API.
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