We’re excited to announce that TM4J - Test Management for Jira is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more : https://smartbear.com/blog/test/test-management-for-jira-joins-the-smartbear-family/
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Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

Boost productivity by reusing steps from other test cases with Call to Test

Enhanced call to test functionality (formerly Shared Steps) to boost reusability for large scale test cases libraries. It allows you to break down test cases into smaller, reusable pieces and then recombines these test cases to achieve larger end-to-end testing scenarios. Test cases can be referenced (called) in other test cases to create nested reusable structures. By doing so, the test team can combine as many variations as needed to test the application by both functional area and end-user workflow. Learn more here.

Accelerated test case design with Data-Driven test cases

The brand new Test Data functionality unlocks Data-Driven testing (DDT) inside Adaptavist Test Management for Jira. DDT is test design approach where the test data (input and output values) are separated from the actual test case. DDT enables the repetition of the same sequence of test steps with the help of a data source in order to drive the input values of those steps and the expected values while verification steps are performed. Commonly, test cases are designed using variables in the test step level. A variable placeholder is added in the test step to receive the values from the data source instead of using hard-coded or fixed values. Learn more here.

Unlock more flexibility with modular parameterized test cases

Parameterization has been introduced to allow the users to create even more generic test cases (reusable modules). In essence, parameters are used to unlock more flexibility when calling or invoking test cases. You can invoke a reusable test case by passing a set of parameters, which can affect how input or output data are displayed or processed during the test execution. Eventually, parameters can contain default values, the tester should be able to change each one of the default parameters according to the context of the test at hand. Learn more here.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added the option Last test result/All test results in the Filter (Custom Query)
  • Fixed wrong permission message when the user is not logged in
  • Fixed wrong Test Case Version selected when Bulk-Adding Test Case to Test Run
  • Fixed spelling error in Report: "Test execution scorecard by project"
  • Fixed when Test Script has parameters with test data it has performance issues
  • Fixed translations into German
  • Fixed Import from other Projects seems not working for a specific JIRA projects
  • Fixed Traceability Matrix only shows latest test results
  • Fixed error when using () in user defined parameters
  • Fixed some reports cause integer overflow
  • REST API: Retrieve attachments of test cases and test results
  • REST API: Delete attachments of test cases and test results
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