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Compatible with JIRA 6.3.0 and later.

End of Support

JIRA versions prior to 6.4 will not be compatible with next versions of Test Management for JIRA.

Edit Test Runs in Bulk

Your Test Run creators and editors can now update the details of Test Runs in bulk saving time and duplicated effort. 

Clone Test Runs with linked Issues

We have added the option to the Test Run Clone to enable linked JIRA issues to be cloned across with the Test Run. 

Streamlined usability of the Test Player

We have improved the way users will interact with the test steps in the test player. We have surfaced the most common step results via icons so results can be recorded in one click rather than the previous menu options. 

Following the migration of the Kanoah Service Desk to Adaptavist Product Support we have updated the destination of this link in versions 4.2 onwards of Adaptavist Test Management. 

REST API Improvements: 

  1. Now, when retrieving Test Runs, the status and execution date information is included. Also, there is a new field for Test Runs: the execution summary, summarizing the statuses of all its items.
  2. Added support for creating and modifying issue links of Test Results via the API.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue of not being able to copy and paste screenshots in the WYSIWYG editor. 
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