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Compatible with JIRA 6.3.0 and later.

End of Support

JIRA versions prior to 6.4 will not be compatible with next versions of Test Management for JIRA.

Shared Test Steps

One of our most requested features is here!

Create centralised test libraries to re-use across your test case repository. Update in one place for changes to propagate across all test cases using the test steps. 

Learn more by reading Managing and Reusing Test Cases.

This is the first release of this feature so we would love any feedback

Comments for Test Cases, Runs and Plans 

We have added a new tab to the create and edit mode for Test Cases, Runs and Plans for comments.

This feature enables your QA teams to collaborate on the creation and maintenance of your Test Artefacts. 

REST API: PUT /testcase/{testCaseKey} new endpoint available. 

Test case now supports the PUT command to enhance the options for integrating with your automated testing. 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue: when exporting Test Cases to Excel - steps in reverse order.
  • Fixed issue (API): not able to create test case with folders having same name of Test Run folders.
  • Fixed issue (API): not able to create test case with zero steps.
  • Fixed issue (API): test run search does not filter by folder when it has some special characters.
  • Fixed issue (API): dashes in labels are converted to underscore when creating a test case.
  • Fixed issue: wrong "created on/update on" timestamps on PDF export.
  • Fixed issue: when creating a test run by selecting some test cases on the listing, they are displayed in the wrong order.
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