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The Navigation Bar allows you to access different areas of the Test Management for JIRA add-on. On the left side, you can access tests under specific JIRA projects. On the right side, you can select the type of activity you intend to execute.

Missing projects?

Cannot create, edit and delete things?

Please, refer to the page Users and Permissions

Choosing Project

In order to see tests under a specific JIRA project, on the left side of the Navigation Bar, click on the currently selected project's name or icon. A list of JIRA projects available to you will be displayed in a drop-down list as shown below.

Choosing Activity

In order to select a type of activity to execute, on the right side of the Navigation Bar, click on the tab of the activity you need to execute. The area below the Navigation Bar will display content related to that type of activity as shown below:

Grid view for test cases, plans and runs

The grid view gives to the the user a better visual experience and flexibility to personalize the display options. As a result, it reduces clicks, greatly improving usability and productivity. When you are in grid view, you can manage the display in the following ways:

  • Column sorting
  • Showing and hiding columns
  • Pagination
  • Moving columns by dragging and dropping

Please note, these personalized display options are persisted and associated to the logged in user. When you install Test Management for Jira a standard set of columns is displaye, but you can show/hide additional columns to meet your specific needs(including custom fields).


  • It's not possible to display rich text fields in the grid.
  • It's not possible to change the column width.
  • Some columns are not sortable.

In order to hide/display columns in the grid, just click over the "columns" dropdown and check/unckeck the desired columns. You can also click on Restore defaults link to restore the grid to the standard columns.

If you need to reoder the columns from the grid, just click ver the column title and drag to the desired position.

If you need to sort the list, just click over the desired column (click again to toggle the sorting from ascending to descending).

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