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The Datasets page allows you to define test data parameters that can be re-used in Test Cases across the Project on the Test Scripts. For instructions on how to use the Datasets in Test Cases please see the documentation Test Data and Data-driven testing

Datasets are available from version 4.3.0 onwards in Adaptavist Test Management. 

Test Data & Data-driven testing (DDT)

Please, refer to the page Test Data and Data-driven testing.


1. Open the Configuration page by clicking on the three dotted button, located on the upper-right corner.

2. Head to Configuration in the left hand menu and click Datasets.

3. In the name field enter a unique name for the Dataset 

4. Add some Options and click Add next to the name to save the Dataset. 

5. Once added click on the Dataset name to start editing the Options for the Dataset.  

6. Click on Save to commit the changes. 

7. Any updates to this list will be reflected in all the Test Cases that use the Dataset. 

8. To delete an option from a Dataset place the cursor over the row of the option and a trash icon will appear. Click on the trash icon to remove an option from the dataset.

9. If a Dataset is used by one or more Test Cases or older Test Cases versions then it cannot be deleted. 

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