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Whether you have 15 folders or 150 folders, additional information beyond folder names can provide more context for important pieces of your project.

TM4J allows you to create custom fields for folders using any of the following custom field types:

  • Checkbox
  • Date Picker
  • Decimal Number
  • Number
  • Select List (Multi-Choice)
  • Select List (Single Choice)
  • Text Field (Single Line)
  • User Picker

You can create custom folder fields to list the folder owner's contact information, folder content summaries, requirement specs, or any other information you and your team consider beneficial.

Adding Custom Fields for Folders

  1. Click the Ellipses icon in the upper-right corner of any screen to access configuration settings.

    The Configuration screen appears.

  2. Click Folders in the Custom Fields section.
  3. Type a custom field name.
  4. Select a field type from the drop-down list.
    If you choose one of the Select List types, you are prompted to add list options. Simply enter a value, then click Add.
  5. Click Add.
    Your custom field appears on the list.

Once custom fields are added, you can drag-and-drop to reorder the way they appear on the screen.

Custom Folder Fields in Action

Custom folder fields appear when any folder in the project is edited, regardless of whether you are in the Tests, Plans, or Cycles view.

To view or add values to the fields, click a folder's Cog icon, then click Edit.

The custom folder fields appear and allow users to view or enter information.

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