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You can create a series of test cases in bulk by clicking on the New button on the Tool Bar and then selecting the Create test cases in bulk menu option. Once the dialog window is displayed, you can type the title of the test cases in the memo box. Each line will create a single test case in the current folder. Below the memo box, you can also specify some attributes that will be applied to all the new test cases.


1. Go to Tests section. Click on the triangle-shaped button and hit Create test cases in bulk.

2. Input as much Test Cases as needed on the textbox, separated by a line (those will be the names). Once finished redacting, select the Status, Priority, Component and Owner. Then add a label if needed. At last, hit the Create button.

2.1 Select your Test Case Status. This status is not related to the Execution of the Test Case. Any Custom Status stored in the Configuration page will also appear on this list.

3. There you go, all your Test Cases have been created.

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