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One effective way to boost reusability for large scale test cases libraries is to adopt a modular test case design approach. Instead of duplicating or copying and pasting test cases or steps, you should focus on breaking down them into smaller, reusable pieces and then recombines these tests to achieve larger end-to-end testing scenarios. Test cases can be referenced (called) in other test cases to create nested reusable structures. By doing so, the test team can combine as many variations as needed to test the application by both functional area and end-user workflow. In order to do so, follow the instructions in the sections below.

  • Note 1: The call to tests are just a link to the source test case steps. If you make changes on the source steps, these changes will be replicated automatically.
  • Note 2: In order to prevent circular dependency, you are not able to call to test from itself (Test Case A cannot either call to test from itself or from any Test Cases that call Test Case A).

You can nest as many “child modules” called under any “master test case” as desired with multiple levels. Each set of steps will be unfolded during the test execution as displayed in the diagram below:


1. Open the desired Test Case and then click on Test Script.

2. Click on "Call to test" to reuse the steps of the desired test case below the current step.

3. On the dialog, select one or more Test Cases to reuse their steps (you can also select Test Cases from any JIRA project).

4. The called test case is added below the current step

5. In order to see (read only) the reused steps, just click on the link "Show Steps".

6. Optional: Click on the link "Delete" to remove the called test case.

7. Optional: Drag and drop to reorder the called test case.

Learn More with Video

We created a short interactive video to help you learn more about modular test design and Call to Test.

It shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete, so click the image below and check it out!

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