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Once you've setup a Form Mail Inbox, you can use the Form Mail ID in a mail-form macro or in destination macro. All mail sent to that Form Mail ID will be saved to the Form Mail Inbox. Each Form Mail ID has a unique inbox and you can have several Form Mail Inboxes and keep your mail separate and specific.

  1. If you haven't already, setup a Form Mail Inbox  and note down the From Mail ID

  2. Using the Form Mail ID, create a new mail form (you can update an existing mail form to use this Form Mail ID too) and add Form Mail ID for the inbox as a destination.

  3. To see the senders name or email address in the Mail Box, add a mail-input macro with:
    1. Type set to hidden
    2. The name of the field set to
      • name = from - this will capture the senders email address from their Confluence profile
      • name = fromName - this will capture the senders name from their Confluence profile
    3. Provide a velocity value, his will capture data from the users Confluence profile to be set as the sender of the mail. You can use the following velocity variables
      • $
      • $user.fullName
      • $

  4. Add any further macros you require to create your form.

  5. Save your form



Two Tips

Try using comma separated lists in the destination field of mail-forms, so you can send mails both out to direct email addresses and save the same mail in the inbox too.

You can use Form Mail ID's with the destination macro too

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