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Creating a Form Mail Inbox is quick and easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. You can setup as many inbox's as required, with each inbox being independent so your mail remains grouped and specific to the Form ID.


  1. Navigate to the Form Mail administration page in the Confluence admin console

  2. Under the section titled "Form Mail Configuration", select "Add a new Form Mail config

  3. In the "New Form Mail Configuration", set a name for your Form Mail configuration. This will be the Form Mail ID - you will use this name in mail forms

  4. Set the collector type to "Internal Inbox" - this will set mail sent using this form id to be saved in the Form Mail Inbox

  5. Set notification schedule - either Instant or Scheduled
    1. Instant - You will be notified when new mail is sent to the inbox instantly
    2. Scheduled - You will receive a bulk mail notification based on the scheduler. This can be configured from the Confluence scheduler.

  6. (Optional) Set a Description
  7. (Optional) Set a Success Message - this will be shown after mail is submitted. If left blank, the default success message will be shown. Can be overwritten by using the mail-success macro in a mail-form

  8. Save your configuration
  9. You will now see your new Form Mail Configuration saved. You can access to the inbox under the section titled "Operations". 

    To save mail to this inbox, used the Form Mail ID in a mail-form macro or mail-destination macro. For guidance, see documentation using the Form Mail ID to save Mail top the Form Mail Inbox 


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