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Form Mail for Confluence 

Create custom email forms in your Confluence Wiki

About Form Mail for Confluence

Form Mail for Confluence is a simple and effective tool for creating email forms directly in your Confluence Wiki. Users have complete control of the fields and their layout, as well as having the ability to validate input and autocomplete a logged-in user’s details. There’s also a bunch of nifty features like protecting you from SPAM and using you Confluence’s email configuration, making Form Mail a valuable addition to your Confluence Wiki


How Does Form Mail for Confluence Work

Form Mail for Confluence contains several macros that users can use to create mail forms in a page. The ability to layer these macros means you can make your mail forms as sophisticated or as simple as you like. Leave your mail form in a public space or direct people to it for a specific purpose and let users fire off messages.

Administrators can pre-define the behaviour of mail forms with the use of Form Mails or let users configure them on the fly at creation to meet their specific needs, either way the new admin controls allow you to easily track where Form Mail for Confluence  is being used. 

You can quickly and easily build Form Mails that can be used to drive your business processes, improve communication with clients, develop leads and even improve quality of service. 

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  • Customisable Forms – Full control over fields, layout and settings.
  • Custom Macros – See how your form will look on the page when editing
  • Internal Response Database – Save responses directly in Confluene and export them whenever you need
  • Email Delivery of Responses – Get responses to a form email directly to you
  • Input Validation – Set fields to required or optional, and enforce checks such as email or numberical
  • Auto-complete – For logged-in users, you can auto-populate name and email fields with their Confluence details.
  • Spam Control – There are in-built spam prevention measures.
  • Tracking of form mail usage -  To help simplify the administration of Form Mail for Confluence
  • Uses Atlassian User Interface -  Providing seamless integration with your Confluence
  • Default or Custom Feedback – Set a customised “email sent” confirmation message or simply leave it up to Form Mail
  • Provide a receipt to to senders - You can provide logged in users with a copy of their sent message
  • No Server Configuration – The plugin allows you to use the same email settings as Confluence, so there’s no additional server configuration.


This highly versatile tool gives you extensive control over mail form creation, allowing you to customize Form Mail for Confluence to meet your specific needs. Further information on how to use Form Mail for Confluence can be found in the documentation, including examples of how you could use Form Mail for Confluence to simplify communication and information gathering for your organisation.


  • The latest compatible version right now is v.4.3.2 which is compatible with Confluence  5.6- 5.8 & Confluence 5.6 - 5.8 Data center

  • You can always check the compatibility for other version of Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace 


Form Mail for Confluence is available for installation from the Atlassian Marketplace, using Confluence Server Administration > Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), or by download from the  Atlassian Marketplace .

Plugin Licensing 

Form Mail for Confluence can be licensed through the Atlassian Marketplace for commercial version while the free versions are licensed through the Plugin Licensing Manager.

Plugin Support

We offer plugin related support, Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Adaptavist Products and Plugins.



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Frequently Asked Questions on Form Mail for Confluence

If you need more explanation or have any other questions then please contact us.

 Is Form Mail free or paid?

Form Mail is a free plugin until version 3.0.3 for the Confluence 5.3 versions and under, from the Confluence 5.4 versions and above the plugin is commercial.




Known Issues

 Issue with Export to PDF

 Export to PDF functionality doesn't work with Form Mail. We have logged this issue with Atlassian To export your Confluence page to PDF, we suggest you to use your built in Browser functionality for the time being, until a fix is in place for this. Please see below tutorial that we have created to use your browser functionality to save webpages as PDF



To Export to PDF from your Google Chrome browser, go to the page you wish to save as a PDF.  Click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon.

Then, select "Print". 



When clicked on "Save page as..", this will only let you save the web page as HTML or a complete web page, not as a PDF file. 


When clicked on "Print", you will see a split-screen showing a preview of web page on the right side and a print options panel on the left.

Please note the Destination section here, you should see Save as PDF. If you see something else instead, click on the Change button and select the Save as PDF option.


Now click the Save button

You will get a Save As screen as shown below, where you can change the filename and where you wish to save it.

Click the Save button and your page will be saved as a PDF


Click on File> Export to PDF

You will get a Save As screen, where you can change the filename and where you wish to save it. 

 Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox, there is no workaround from built-in features to print a webpage to PDF. This can be done using extensions. You can use Fire fox Add-ons that are available to save your page as PDF.


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